采用 SOT23-3 封装的 3.0V 输出 50ppm 漂移 50uA 静态电流的带隙电压IC REF3030AIDBZR
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TI 主页 > 半导体 > 电源管理 > 电压基准 > 串联电压基准 >集成电路 采用 SOT23-3 封装的 3.0V 输出 50ppm/℃ 漂移 50uA 静态电流的(带隙)电压参考系列REF3030AIDBZR REF30xx: 50ppm/°C Max, 50μA in SOT23-3 Voltage Reference 说明 The REF30xx is a precision, low power, low voltage dropout voltage reference family available in a tiny SOT23-3. The REF30xx small size and low power consumption (50μA max) make it ideal for portable and battery-powered applications. The REF30xx does not require a load capacitor, but is stable with any capacitive load. Unloaded, the REF30xx can be operated with supplies within 1mV of output voltage. All models are specified for the wide temperature range, –40°C to +125°C. 特性 MicroSIZE PACKAGE: SOT23-3 LOW DROPOUT: 1mV HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT: 25mA HIGH ACCURACY: 0.2% LOW IQ: 50μA max EXCELLENT SPECIFIED DRIFT PERFORMANCE: 50ppm/°C (max) from 0°C to +70°C 75ppm/°C (max) from –40°C to +125°C APPLICATIONS PORTABLE, BATTERY-POWERED EQUIPMENT DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT HAND-HELD TEST EQUIPMENT   应用   便携式,电池供电设备   数据采集系统   医疗设备   手持测试设备
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